Educational Reform through Digital Transformation Symposiums

Avesta in association with Microsoft and the Lebanese French university (LFU) held a symposium on May 7th, 2018; entitled “Educational reform through Digital Transformation”. The symposium took place at the LFU campus in Erbil. The focus of the symposium was to demonstrate the technologies and solutions that empower education and drive digital transformation.
The symposium was open for everyone to attend, however, mangers and authorities from the government and many universities were invited. Dr. Khatab Mustafa Shekhany, General Director for Administration and Finance of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research KRG, was also among the attendees.
The symposium was kicked off by a speech from Dr. Mohammad Sadik, the president of LFU, about their strategy to implement digital transformation. Dr. Mohammad showed his complete focus on applying digital transformation in the university.
Next, Hazha Yahia, director of the Information System at LFU, talked about their past challenges and the solutions they received after working with Avesta Company. Hawre Nuraddin, director of quality assurance at LFU, described quality assurance instructions and the specifications are applied at every university in the region according to the Ministry of Higher Education rules and regulations.
In the next part, Yad Rashid, CEO of Avesta presented their solutions for Universities with an emphasis on the importance of software licensing. Together Yad and Niga Atta, Sales Specialist at Avesta, talked more about the disadvantages of using unlicensed software. They also shared insights and information regarding Microsoft School and Office 365.
Finally, Ahmed Nour El-Din, a senior account manager from Microsoft Education, was invited to join the symposium though Skype for Business. Ahmed explained the different types of solutions and packages that Microsoft provides for educational institutes in the Middle East.

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