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Communications & Marketing Center

The LFU Communications and Marketing Center (LFUCMC) is responsible for marketing the university to prospective students, alumni and other constituents, and for brand development and compliance.
The Center is comprised of news, web, photography, graphic design, video services and is responsible for marketing initiatives and advertising.
Through LFUCMC, the university's brand is developed, promoted and regulated. As part of the branding regulations.

Manager of Communications and Marketing Center


In addition, LFU Communications and Marketing Center (LFUCMC):
- Publishes LFU weekly, the alumni magazine.
- Provides news and photo coverage of campus events.
- Creates marketing publications and videos.
- Maintains the Emergency Information Hotline for Local Media.
- Publishes the monthly faculty and staff newsletter.
- Develops and implements an institutional advertising plan.
- Brand development and compliance.

Nearly future it can take some trade way when we can do marketing research for any company need information about Kurdistan region to do advertising campaign or Marketing camping.


The mission of the Office of LFU Communications and Marketing Center (LFUCMC) is to increase public support for and enhance knowledge of LFU.
Public support is raised by promoting the positive image and institutional presence of the University through various media, the building of relationships and by communicating institutional messages.



Strengthen the Universitys image and identity
Meet the public relations needs of the Chancellor and the University community
Communicate the Universitys program activities and accomplishments
Provide accurate news and other information about the University to both internal and external audiences
Coordinate the Universitys communications in emergency situations

Centers Departments

The Office of LFU Communications and Marketing Center (LFUCMC) is comprised of the following departments:
   Events Planning.
   Graphic Design.
   Marketing and Advertising.
   News Service.
And in nearly future we can add another department which is Local Marketing Research for any company need a local research or study for launching a new or for local advertising campaigns.

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