LFU's President

Assis. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sadik


Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, because your time as a university student should be one of the most exciting and challenging periods in your life. This prospectus describes the opportunities at the Lebanese French University.
Lebanese French University has a pioneering tradition. We aim to break down barriers between traditional subjects, offering flexibility and choice in your studies. We encourage intellectual breadth and self – reliance – skills that are highly prized in the worlds of teaching, training and researching.

Lebanese French University is a leading educational and scientific university and our cutting – edge experience and research benefits teaching and learning in many ways: in the caliber of our teaching staff, the availability of innovative project and the opportunities it provides to learn from leading researchers and experienced teachers who are at the forefront of their subjects.

At Lebanese French University, we warmly welcome students, mature applicants and students from all Iraqi communities.

We also actively encourage you from backgrounds with no tradition of university education to join LFU which is rich in its diversity to the benefit of all.

Our campus is situated in a beautiful spacious land, southern part of Erbil city, Universities Complex, 100 Meter Road – Near Mosul Road Cross (Nasr Roundabout). 
You will find that the friendly and diverse nature of campus life is shared by the community at large; LFU is really a tolerant and lively place. I hope this prospectus will help you decide whether LFU is the right place for you.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our Undergraduate Admissions staff or come to see for yourself what makes LFU special with new tone and flavor.


Vice-President of Scientific Affairs 

Vice_president of Student and Administrative Affairs 


  • Education :PHD
  • Date of Starting Working at LFU :20/12/2011
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