Student Training

Directorate of students training and practicing

This directorate has been established since 2016. It works on improving the students’ ability and discovering their skills. It is with the aim of working on different fields and finding appropriate job for students. Its object is to make a connection between university and private sector. Supervising the training courses for finding a suitable position for the students in a governmental and private sectors .the priority is establishing a directorate in Lebanese French university as an opportunity for the students to assist them find a job opportunity and to improve students ability in working.

The directorate it has been tried to check and supervise the training courses and organize the graduate student affairs) alumni) as well .the directorate has many benefits for the public and private sector


The message of the directorate

the directorate organizes and supervises the training and practicing of the student .it is a reflection of the way the students and supervising lectures are distributed, the directorate following of the student training demonstrating the number of the students who have failed the training courses and assessing the lectures who supervise ,the directorate also goes for adjusting the design of writing the students report and assessing the students report in the following aspects: first how the training and practicing performed, second the most effective points training  and practice which have assisted and benefited the student ,third ,the students idea about the directorate or the training center of training and practice ,fourth, the students idea about the supervising lecturer, and fifth, the results and the students suggestion,

The directorate also attempts to establish various courses for the students, the employees and the instructors in order to


The objective of the directorate

To produce experienced graduates in the field of studying via selecting a suitable place for training and practicing, another objective of the directorate is opening a special center in the University for finding job opportunities for the graduate students.

The directorate aim is making a bridge connection between the university and private sector in a way that this sector depends on the university for finding job 

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