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Office 365 email account and Management Information System account are ready
Feb 26, 2018

Dear Students..

In the process of increasing the use of technology at our university and facilitating the way you contact your univesity staff and lecturer. LFU now have Office 365 email and our all academic staff, administration staff and students have their own accounts. Please try to activate your email as we will use it in future to contact you even after your graduation. Your account is ready and please visit your department for it. For further information and questions, please contact us at: uis@lfu.edu.krd. Or visit the office of Directorate of Information System.

for more information about how to use the email, you can read the following PDF document (in Kurdish and English Languages):



Also, you can watch this video:


Beside the email system, LFU now has the Mnagaent Information System, that contains your information, your weekly schedule, your courses with the course book, the attandnce, fees and also grades. We planned, with the help of our students, to give the results of the exams in future by using this system.

For more information, about using the systems, please read this PDF document about it (in English language).


Also, you can watch this video:



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