University President Office

University president office is the most important directorate in the Lebanese French University structure and established with the establishment of the university at 2007. At its establishement, this directorate was responsible on the administration for all the universities works as there was no other administration directories. Now, its working will all the other directorates at the LFU.
This directorate is under the supervision of the university’s president and it has a director.

The mission  
We offers administration and management services with a high quality. Our vision is applicable with the cooperation of all the directorates at the LFU.
Thus, having a very good and strong relationship with the administration and academic offices also is our mission.

The vision
For satisfaction of all the directorates and departments that dealing with the university president’s office is our vision.
For achieving this, is based on three main aspects (fats completion of tasks), (accurency in achievement) and (Objectively dealing with situations).
Future mission of our directorates is working within an electronic system.

Responsibilities of the president’s office
1.  organizing the president’s works especially, meetings, interviews, vistings and phone calls.
Writing the minutes of the meeting and mainstreaming decisions form these meetings.
Follow-up of the implementation of decisions issued by the university’s president and the meetings and writing reports redarding this.
Organizing and auditing the papers Issued and received and other works regarding this
Re-writing the presidient’s speeches
Preparing researches under the instruction of the president
Organzing the lecturer’s works, including the following:
Preparing the job application forms
Receiveing CV’s from lecturers and sending to the related departments
Cooperation with scientific departments about their need for the academic staff
Organizing job contracts
Issuing administrative orders
Preparing the required letters for the academic staff regarding Support, dispatch, and appreciation letters
Organizing the lecturer’s profile and document
Preparing the academic staff statistics
Organizing the academic staff’s salary

Sara Harzani


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