Directorate of Postgraduate Studies

The Lebanese French University has a prosperous postgraduate community and provides a great range of postgraduate taught degree and research opportunities in various disciplines. Iraqi students in general and Kurdistan Students in particular are very welcome. This program will be running for 2018-2019.

The Directorate of Postgraduate Studies develops master degree programme for applicant's understanding of the key concepts in the academic literature and in the various fields of professional practice relevant to postgraduate studies. It will increase master candidate's capacity for critical reflection on their own professional practice, drawing on a range of theoretical and practice-based perspectives

Providing the opportunities to search for new and contemporary research and knowledge of scientific research in order to reach innovative results.
Creating opportunities for participation for researchers in international scientific conferences that benefit the researcher himself and his community.
Provides high quality teaching at postgraduate levels that are informed and refreshed by research and alert to the benefits of student-centered based learning.
The holder of postgraduate studies can actively participate in building the country and society in their special and public fields.
Establish an appropriate environment among researchers to create the opportunity for dialogue to reach new ideas.
Graduates of postgraduate studies shall support the governmental institutions by presenting new ideas and solutions to their problems on scientific grounds.
Equip students with the skills that will prepare them for independent research at MPhil/PhD level or for further related career.
Improve students' chance of developing a coherent and rigorous PhD proposal.
Provide students with friendly academic support which will help them develop their abilities in an environment where both independent study and interaction with staff and fellow students are encouraged.

The Lebanese French university starts postgraduate studies in different fields such as; Law, Accounting, Business administration and Information Technology. For those who want to apply, the submission of their applications will be opened from 26/11/2017 until 21/12/2017. For further information needed, please visit our directorate.
For those who want to apply for master program has to complete Bachelor from one of the following disciplines:  Law, Accounting, Business administration and Information Technology.
The applicant has to have more than 60% average marks. The pre entry assessment (scientific ability exam) will be carried out on Sunday 07/01/2017 at 10 am in the Lebanese French University on the subjects that have been identified by relevant departments.The master study programme will starts on Thursday 15/02/2017.
The number of postgraduate seats are limited to each field, which have been determined by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as follows:
Law 20 seats (12 seats for Public Law, and 8 seats for private Law)
Accounting 10 seats
Business administration 10 seats
Information Technology 15 seats.
The duration of the study is two years and the fees of each year prior to the supervision cost as follow:

Law-4, 900, 000 IQD
Business administration- 6, 000, 000 IQD
Accounting – 6, 000, 000 IQD
Information Technology- 6, 000, 000 IQD
All the relevant information including study programme, places, and lecturers are available.
For further information required, please do not hesitate to contact the director of the postgraduate study via the following contact detail.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Shareef M. Shareef

Director of Postgraduate Studies

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