Directorate of Information System

Directorate of Information System established on April 2017 with the vision to establish a strong information technology infrastructure for the university. The first and the main work of this directorate is the Management Information System for students and academic staff. The system includes all the information of students and academic staff, in which by this system students can know their weekly schedule, their course books, their grades and can share information between their lecturer. Academic staff can manage their class by adding any information or extra information about their lecture and working on the student attendance. besides, they are responsible on the student grades carry marks. 

Beside the Management Information System, our directorate is responsible on the university's website and managing the website. Also, we are responsible on the university's email that is from Microsoft, Offce 365.

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Zainab Ibrahim


Elaf sardary


Nema Jalily


Hazha Saeed Yahia


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