Quality Assurance

The message of the Quality Assurance Unit in the University is to make students feel secure and aware of the credibility and importance of the academic criteria with respect to the scientific, artistic, cultural, research, social and entertainment aspects.


The Lebanese French University aspires to be one of the outstanding universities acknowledged internationally; it endeavors to be renowned for its credibility and precision with respect to decision making. This can be realized via adopting the academic quality assurance criteria at the local, regional and international levels and via applying these criteria in the academic and administrative departments to ensure the implementation of the university message via constant commitment to assessment, support and development in all the activities to occupy the rank of the highly distinguished universities.

The mission of the Quality Assurance Unit in the University is represented by working hard to provide the necessary spiritual support to the academic and administrative departments in order to improve and develop them to realize the quality assurance of the students inputs and the operations (all that is related to the inputs) as well as the outputs (the graduates) via assessment, supervision and follow-up based on the university message and objectives. This could be realized via mutual cooperation between the quality assurance unit and the academic and administrative departments to attain the academic and international credibility.
1- Supporting the academic departments to attain the vision, task, message and objective of the departments and the university
2- Implementing the quality assurance programs accredited by the Ministry and orienting the faculty, technical and administrative staff to abide by them
3- Submitting the suggestions and consultation to the university departments with respect to quality assurance
4- Suggesting the formation of the University Central Committee and the subordinate committees in the departments to execute the quality assurance work plan
5- Drawing the statistical data of the university as a whole, preparing and analyzing them so that the quality assurance unit becomes an authority of the university in writing the researches and reports related to quality assurance.
6- Establishing a permanent relationship between the quality assurance unit in the university and the other quality assurance units (on the local, regional and international levels) to exchange expertise and enhance the confidence of the community in the efficiency of the administrative and teaching staff and the university outputs.
7- Following-up the implementation of the university department of all that is related to quality assurance, forwarding reports to the university council in order to ensure that the outputs are excellent with respect to quality, and academic capabilities
8- Assessing the teaching staff capabilities with respect to the activities, lecturing and scientific development in order to improve their performance, thanking and supporting the staff members and the distinguished scholars
9- Assessing the performance of the technical and administrative staff and continually supporting them to develop academically, technically and administratively
10- Studying the international quality assurance criteria to benefit from them in the university
11- The quality assurance unit in the university endeavors to realize the aspirations of the Kurdistan region government/ Iraq to realize a higher standard regarding the scientific, administrative, technical and investment aspects.

Assis. Lect. Hawre Nuraddin



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