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Department of Marketing

  Mr. Ramyar
Head of Department 


Former HoD


The vision of the marketing department can be summarized by the fact that it can actually contribute to supplying the local economy with highly qualified academia that are capable of shouldering responsibilities and making strategic marketing decisions. This means that the department should continue to develop its teaching plans recruiting the highly qualified academia, updating its teaching methods and making proper use of the information technology resources.


The main tasks of the marketing department could be summarized as follows:
1) It endeavors to equip its students with the information, knowledge and skills related to marketing.
2) It strives to prepare the qualified cadre that can work in marketing.
3) It provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience related to advertisement design specifying its communicative content.
4) It supplies students with practical experiences in the area of electronic marketing.


The Department of marketing in LFU University aims to achieve two kinds of objectives: general and specific.

General Objectives: They are as follows:
1) Building the student personality and developing his scientific and research skills in the area of marketing.
2) Acquainting students with all that is new in their field of study.
3) Linking the theoretical aspects and arguments with thetheir practical applications in the field of marketing to gain the desired benefit.
4) Supplying the Production and Service establishments with the national cadres that are specialized in marketing.

Specific Objectives: They are as follows:
1) Diversifying the means of developing the students' analytical potentials to tackle problems and issues that the local companies suffer from in the field of marketing and addressing the proper solutions for them
2) Developing the communication and interaction skills with others and encouraging the spirit of team work in the marketing program
3) Endeavoring to invite the deans of the local marketing companies to deliver lectures on how to manage the marketing departments in their companies and to help finding jobs to the new graduates. The areas where the graduates can work are divers and they are increasing daily to keep abreast with marketing labor market. The graduates can work in marketing, promotional services, sales, advertising, marketing research in the Production and Service establishments such as factories, banks, hotels, hospitals, travel and tourism agencies, pilgrimage and Umra institutions, advertising agencies, publishing houses and export and import companies.

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