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Department of Legal Administration

Department of Legal administration was established in the Lebanese French University in 2013-2014 to meet the aspiration of the Kurdistan region to raise the standard of legal and administrative culture and to provide the legal, administrative and judicial institutions with specialists in both theoretical and applied law sciences: the ultimate objective is to participate in the development process witnessed by the region in all fields.

  Dr.  Sardar Kadir Mahyaddin Kadir
Head of Department 


Former HoD


Law administration department will play a central role in raising the standard of the specialized law and administrative culture of the graduates of legal administration of the Lebanese French University; intermarriage between the theoretical and applied aspects will be realized so as to qualify the graduates of legal administration to be efficient in performing their tasks as soon as they graduate they will meet the work market requirements.


Upgrading the standard of specialized legal and administrative culture requires that students be qualified academically and that the department opts for staff members with high academic ranks and expertise, provides a sound library, uses modern instructions and training aids that incorporate the recent technological developments with respect to communicating information, keeps abreast with the most recent legislations and endeavors to approach corresponding departments in other universities besides activating the scientific research movement and making available the study materials and the applied research studies.


The legal administration department aims at realizing the following objectives:
1- Preparing academic cadres that are specialized in legal and administrative sciences.
2- Fulfilling the needs of the governmental and private institutions and offices for specialists in law and administration.
3- Contributing to activating the legal and administrative movement and preparing the requirements for mending the law via enacting new legislations that are compatible with the ever-changing needs and conditions of society.
4- Developing and disseminating legal and administrative culture.

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