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Department of Information Technology


Vision, Mission and Objectives


Department of information technology plans to be indicated as a recognized leader in professional information technology. It also plans to become the prime centre in the process of education in Kurdistan region and Iraq. The curriculum delivered by professional faculty appeal to international standards of information technology.


Department of information technology seeks to provide students with an education that focuses on the common of information technology and the development and application of computer and networking skills needed for entry into their profession.


Department of Information Technology in the LFU aims to achieve two kinds of objectives: (a) general and (b) specific. These objectives are as follows:

    (A) General Objectives:
(1) Preparing qualified graduates who can meet the national and global needs in information and communication technologies.
(2) Letting graduates to have proficiency in using modern and changeable computer, informatics, network and Internet techniques.
(3) Providing students with an opportunity to hone their technology skills in a real-world environment, which enables them to enter their future positions ready with confidence to make IT contributions and coordinate and promote information and communication techniques.
    (B) Specific objectives:
(1) Preparing highly skilled graduates in both theoretical and practical fields by bringing together both theoretical and practical aspects in a way that enables graduates to work and provide the IT total solutions which market needs.
(2) Ensuring professional teaching courses provided by qualified and specialized academic staff members with long experience in teaching at high ranks.
(3) Using the latest e-management, e-learning and e-testing techniques to deliver the curriculum and to achieve the exams, in order to support and ensure the quality of learning.
(4) Signing the scientific agreements and MoUs with local and international IT departments.
(5) Making partnership with senior international corporations specialized in the field of information technology like Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Cisco, MikroTik and other related corporations.
(6) Organizing and holding the local and international training courses, workshops, exhibits, and other IT events.
(7) Attempting to establish the first IT incubator in Kurdistan region and Iraq, and stimulating the creativity and leadership in IT fields.
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