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After including French in our other departments' curricula during the past academic years, LFU is pleased to announce the opening of a department devoted entirely to learning French and the study of French literature and civilization.
The emphasis on French language is not only due to the name given to our University. It is also a reflection of persistent and ever-growing importance of the French language as an active tool of education and communication, especially in fields relating to cultural exchange and business in the today world.
For a Kurdish society that opens itself more and more toward outside world, including by encouraging the establishment of French institutions and companies in this region, the French language acquires even greater significance.
The Department of French, by offering students a comprehensive programme not only for language learning but also with regard to the knowledge of the French culture, allows them to be better qualified to fulfil the needs of their professional future in all relevant sectors likely to recruit them thereafter, whether in the media sector, the economy or even diplomatic representations and missions.
We hope that our department will also provide an additional bridge between France and Kurdistan.

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It goes without saying that the first mission of such a department is learning the French language. As a matter of fact, the Department aims to prepare graduates with efficient competence and performance in French. However, we do not consider the knowledge of French language only as a mere communication tool since our graduates are supposed to be qualified as active employees and managerial staff in both public and private sectors.


We put language skills acquired in the general framework of a multidisciplinary academic formation, oriented primarily to the work of market. Thus, successively or in parallel with the progress made by our students in the learning of French language and the study of French culture and civilization, we offer them a curriculum designed on the basis of professional opportunities to which proficiency is an important language as French may lead. We hope to increase the number of our students to study French then to start other specializations concerned with French such as translation, French literature, medias and market oriented language, …etc.


Objectives can be of two types: (1) General and (2) Specific

General Objectives:

(1) Cooperating with other educational institutions and parallel departments in other universities as a step forward to have sessions and intensive courses in France.
(2) Inviting French instructors to present lectures in the field of specialization to improve the skills of our students to use French fluently.

Specific Objectives:

They are as follows:
(1) Preparing qualified students with high sense of French.
(2) Supporting those pioneer students to pursue higher studies in this field of specialization in the region.
(3) Following up our students in and after college with training sessions and interactive courses.
(4) Enabling graduates to acquire skills required to teach French in their turn.

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