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Department of Accounting and Finance

Welcome to the department of accounting and finance at the Lebanese French University. We invite you to look through our web site and learn more about our academic programmes, our students and faculty members, our current and future plans for the department.
We aspire to be among the top accounting departments among the universities of Kurdistan region and even of other universities in Iraq as well. The programme is designed for our students to be highly recruited and our graduates to be widely known. Regarded among the most work-ready proficient accountant in the area, the programme has special features to realize our expectations and to ensure a successful achievement of its objectives.

Karwan Mohammed Fatih Jalal
Head of Department 


Former HoD


Department of accounting plans to be recognized as an innovate leader in professional accounting education and to become one of the prime centers of excellence in education in Kurdistan region and Iraq. The curriculum delivered by professional faculty appeal to international standards of accounting and auditing.


Accounting department seeks to provide students with an education that focuses on the common body of accounting knowledge, and the development and application of skills needed for entry into their profession.


The central objectives of the department is to produce people who can meet the national And global needs in accounting and auditing .after completing all B.S. requirements in accounting the graduated will be qualified to :
1-Analyze information for planning and control at all levels public and private.
2-improve and develop accounting system particularly in respect to cost and government accounting.
3-practice in variety aspects of business and accounting, managerial, government, national and international.
4-prepare budge, project proposal and appraisal studies.
5-handle general accounts and produces financial reports.
6-solve problems, support positive, trends, enhance, ethical values.
7-apply cost accounting and make better financial decisions.

General Objectives: They are as follows:
The objective of the accounting specialization is to graduate accounting and auditing cadres who can shoulder the responsibility of preparing and organizing the financial processes of the economic units that either aim at or do not aim at profiting in the government or the private sector on both the national and international levels.

Specific Objectives:  They are as follows:
1) Preparing the accounting and finance cadres who are properly equipped to work in the governmental and private sectors.
2) Equipping students with the basic knowledge required to prepare them for work professional and academically after graduation.
3) Providing the cadres with scientific background knowledge related to all the accounting disciplines enabling them to design accounting systems and to disseminate the professional values which every accountant should possess.

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