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Computer Service Centre

Computer Services Centre (CSC) was established in 2015 with responsibility for academic and administrative computing. Working in partnership with the faculties, staff and students, provides current computing technologies, computer infrastructure and computer services to facilitate and support teaching, learning, research and administration.

Manager of Computer Services Centre



The CSC of LFU aspires to be a leading Computing Services Centre in Kurdistan higher education.



The mission of the CSC is to create and maintain a computing environment for the pursuit of academic excellence; by the following:
1. Provide quality professional services to students, staff and administration.
2. Promote and assist the use of new computing technology.
3. Ensure effective use of computing resources.
4. Cooperate with Computer Centers of other institutions of higher education and professional bodies and to render professional services in response to the need of society and community.



CSC is responsible for the provision of central computing facilities and technical services to support the following aspects of computer and network within the University.
• The CSC manages the centralized ID issue for faculty and staff members; and for students.
• The CSC manages the central computer facilities including the campus network, the central host computers, public computing facilities such as computers in the Lecture Theatres, classrooms & express terminals for public access and student terminal rooms in the CSC.
• The CSC provides centralized and integrated technical services on a university-wide basis including the provision of consultation and advice on the use of University computer facilities.
• The CSC keeps updated information regarding currently available computing equipment and software, and provides timely information to its users in the form of user's guides, newsletters, training courses, seminars, forums, etc. It is also responsible for developing electronic information services within the University.

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