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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25212/lfu.books.01
DOI Number: 10.25212/lfu.books.01


Education Prior Compulsory Schooling means a learning space offering early childhood education to children, usually between the ages of three and five, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school.

This book aims at investigating the place of education prior to the compulsory schooling in the Federal Government of Iraq and the Regional Government of Kurdistan. Its main importance can be deduced from the fact that it explores the education prior to compulsory schooling system with reference to the economic, cultural and political factors in the Federal Government and Regional Government of Kurdistan.
The study involves two parts: (1): a literature review of previous related studies and (2): an empirical study which consists of (8) chapters.

The first chapter sheds light on the demographic features and their socio-economic impact of the society on the education prior to compulsory schooling in Iraqi Federal Government and somehow Regional Government of Kurdistan. Taking into consideration the demographic analysis such as growth rates, population trends and population movements.

As for chapter two, it explains the educational system in the whole Iraq, of which education prior to compulsory schooling education forms the lowest step on the educational scale and is based on two years voluntary study. It is not; however, well-integrated into the system. This study arrived into this conclusion, after studying the structure, administration and finance of the education system as well as the main aim of each level of education in the Federal Government of education prior to public schooling.

Chapters (3) and (4) focus on the priority which has been given to the education prior to compulsory schooling in recent national development plans as compared with other levels of education. A reference to the Federal Government attention given to female education and female participation in the labour-force.

Regarding the second part of the study, it investigates the current status of education prior to compulsory schooling and the possibility of its future growth and development in Iraq by: (1) referring to the diachronic background of education prior to compulsory schooling education in chapter five, (2) by looking into the present status of education prior to compulsory schooling education in terms of both quality and quantity through an investigation of the existing education prior to compulsory schooling programmes as well as curriculum in achieving the stated prior compulsory schooling objectives in the whole Iraq, and (3) by presenting the views and ideas of the faculty members involved in the education prior compulsory schooling in Iraq as well as the views of working mothers through the findings of a survey conducted for this study in Erbil (The Capital of Kurdistan Region), the birth place of the researcher.

Finally, the study ends with some general conclusions which were arrived at in the light of the findings of the data analysis. Added to these, some suggestions were derived for further studies and some recommendations were proposed for the provision and improvement of education prior to compulsory schooling.

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