Chairman's Message

The university conveys activities according to the education plan formed by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Talat Yahya Bajger within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan region. We continue to raise generations that serve both founding purposes of Government and our own existential philosophy which coincides with ‘people of free mind, free conscious, and free wisdom’. We are proud to witness that our graduates are in key positions of top organizations both at home and
Our University raises generations that possess personal decision making skills, self-confidence, and sense of patriotism – values they use in overcoming any obstacles while preserving their own values and remaining loyal to their country and people. Young people can only plan a strong future by making the right decisions, knowing what is best for themselves. A crucial milestone in this process is choosing a profession and a university.
The world is in constant flux; new ideas are generated day by day. All ideas must build on each other, if there is no improvement in intellectual output, we can hardly say that humanity is making progress. After the agricultural and industrial revolutions, our world is currently going through a new era called “the information age.” The phenomenon of globalization has obliterated borders, integrating all markets and upscaling repetition from a local level to a universal one. 
In this knowledge-saturated environment, there are two conditions for individuals, institutions, and nations to survive and succeed: to accumulate knowledge and disseminate it effectively through information technology. Foreign language competence, especially English language, which has become a basic requirement for effective communication. 

“To the youth, future will be shaped by you.”

Talat Y. S. Bajger


Board of Trustees


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