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Admission Procedures
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Submission should be in accordance with the regulations:
Every student must follow the instructions below:
1) 5000 ID would be taken for submission fees.
2) Receiving the application form.
3) Filling the application form with blue pen and transpicuous handwriting as it is required below:
a) First page: It must be filled by university.
b) Second page: It must be filled by schoolmaster and be confirmed by the Director of General Education, except page number 9 which belongs to university.
c) Third page: It must be filled by students and guardians.
d) Fourth page: It must be read and signed by the students and guardians.
4) Preserving the application form is needed.
5) When filling page number 10, due to the intended department section, the student must write more than one option according to his/her own interest and valid conditions.
6) The student must write his/her name as the same as his civil identity card.
7) In the English Application form, a student must write his/her full name as the same as of his/her official documents in English (passport).
8) After the university announcement of the chosen department, the student must apply for the following steps directly:
a) Submission of high school certificate which has been confirmed by the General Director of Education in the region.
b) Paying the second amount of tuition fees according to determined amount for each department.

Note: The language of study (Kurdish-Arabic-English) will vary according to the field of study.

Required Documents and Certificates

1) Submission form which has been filled by the student, school and General Director of Education.
2) English information form after completion.
3) A colorful copy of civil identity.
4) A colorful copy of national identity
5) A colorful copy of rational card.
6) Health application (eye examination).
7) Six photos (4x2) with white background.
8) A copy of residency or identity card.

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