Department of Marketing

About the department

The Department was established by order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 14457/5 on 07/12/2012

Roles of Marketing Department

  • Defining and managing your brand. This involves defining who you are, what you stand for, what you say about yourself, what you do, and how your company acts. This, in turn, defines the experience you want your customers and partners to have when they interact with you.
  • initiatives. Marketing proactively identifies the products and services to focus on over the course of your sales cycle and then produces materials and communications that get the word out.
  • Producing marketing and promotional materials. Your marketing department should create the materials that describe and promote your core products and/or services, and keep them up-to-date as those products and services evolve.
  • Creating content providing search engine optimization for your website. Your website is often the first (and possibly the only) place people go for information about you. Your marketing department will be responsible for keeping Web content current, while also working to ensure your site comes up quickly when someone searches for your type of business.
  • Monitoring and managing social media. Marketing should contribute to, manage and maintain your social media pages and accounts and carefully watch what is being posted about you online.
  • Producing internal communications. Your employees need to understand your company, its values, its goals, and its priorities. Marketing is often responsible for employee communications through a newsletter and/or intranet.
  • Serving as media liaison. When your company is cited in the media, a member of the marketing department often acts as a spokesperson for your company or guides executives in how to respond to media queries.
  • Conducting customer and market research. Research helps you define target markets and opportunities accordingly, and help you understand how your products and services are perceived.
  • Overseeing outside vendors and agencies. Marketing is typically responsible for selecting and managing the agencies and vendors who produce marketing materials and or/provide marketing support. These may include ad agencies, print vendors, PR agencies or specialists, Web providers, etc.The awarded degree
  • The Department of Marketing awards Bachelor in Marketing.Marketing for Society
  • marketing course sets individuals up for working in any business in the future and there are a variety of course options you can progress in. Marketing provides for many interesting and engaging career prospects after studying. The topics in a marketing course cover all the various elements of a marketing business environment that help individuals apply their theoretical knowledge, practically.
  • Another huge benefit of studying marketing is the demand for marketers. In every business and industry, there will be a marketing team. This means that there will always be jobs available in marketing and with a specialized degree in the subject; it makes you more appealing to fill marketing job roles.
  • Studying a course in marketing can lead an individual into many different sectors of work. With the vast development of technology, it has enabled marketers to have more flexibility when it comes to producing marketing campaigns. Platforms on social media allow for such specialist strategies to be created. Data has also helped the way in which marketers work. It is used to businesses advantage so that they can target consumers even more effectively. With so many prospects in terms of technological advances, it makes it a very desirable career to pursue.


  • Marketing courses teach skills vital to the business world. These skills include how to communicate effectively through oral or written means, how to pitch ideas and present displays to a board meeting, and business computer and systems interpretation skills. In addition, participants learn how to analyze data, marketing trends, and consumer needs. Microsoft training and HR courses have proved to be beneficial for the marketing student, as they ensure the required computer skills and understanding of HR for producing professional marketing presentations and reports.
  • Marketing degrees allow individuals to develop not only their personal skills but also presentation skills. Marketing is all about communication, so studying it will help improve your skills both individually and while team working. This leaves individuals looking more appealing to future employers as they have the skills that businesses look for, as you can show you understand all the particular elements of marketing.
  1. It endeavors to equip its students with the information, knowledge, and skills related to marketing.
  2. It strives to prepare the qualified cadre that can work in marketing fields.
  3. It provides students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and experience related to advertisement design specifying its communicative content.
  4. It supplies students with practical experiences in the area of electronic marketing.Objectives:The Department of marketing in LFU University aims to achieve two kinds of objectives: general and specific.General Objectives: They are as follows:
  1. Building the student personality and developing his scientific and research skills in the area of marketing.
  2. Acquainting students with all that is new in their field of study.
  3. Linking the theoretical aspects and arguments with their practical applications in the field of marketing to gain the desired benefit.
  4. Supplying the Production and Service establishments with the national cadres that are specialized in marketing.

Specific Objectives: They are as follows:

  1. Diversifying the means of developing the students’ analytical potentials to tackle problems and issues that the local companies suffer from in the field of marketing and addressing the proper solutions for them
  2. Developing communication and interaction skills with others and encouraging the spirit of teamwork in the marketing program
  3. Endeavoring to invite the deans of the local marketing companies to deliver lectures on how to manage the marketing departments in their companies and to help to find jobs to the new graduates. The areas where the graduates can work are diverse and they are increasing daily to keep abreast with marketing labor market. The graduates can work in marketing, promotional services, sales, advertising, marketing research in the Production and Service establishments such as factories, banks, hotels, hospitals, travel and tourism agencies, pilgrimage and Umra institutions, advertising agencies, publishing houses and export, and import companies.

What do students learn?


  • Students have to hold high school certificate.
  • The average grades no less than %55.


The tuition fee is 2,320,000 IQD per year.

Department of Marketing/ Course Programme / latest Version

First Year (First Semester)

  • MA112PM Principles of Management  I
  • MA112POM Principles of Marketing  I
  • MA112POE Principle of Economy 1
  • LFU112CS Computer Skills I
  • MA110GE General English
  • LFU112KU Kurdology I

First Year (Second Semester)

  • MA112PM Principle of Management II
  • MA102ACC Principles of Accounting  
  • MA112POM Principles of Marketing II
  • MA112POE Principle of Economy II
  • LFU112CS Computer Skills II
  • MA102SE Specific  English
  • LFU112KU Kurdology II
  • MA112AD Academic Debates

Second Year (First Semester (

  • MA212ADV Advertising I
  • MA212STA Statistical Analysis I
  • MA210FM Financial Mathematics
  • MA212EM E-Marketing I
  • MA210MTH Marketing Theories
  • MA210MS Marketing Skills
  • MA110GE General English II

Second Year) Second Semester (

  • MA212ADV Advertising II
  • MA212STA Statistical Analysis II
  • MA212EM E-Marketing II
  • MA202SM Social Marketing
  • MA202PUR Public Relation
  • MA110GE General English II

Third Year /First Semester

  • MA312MRM – Marketing Research Method I
  • MA310CS Communication Skills
  • MA310CD Content Design
  • MA310MC Marketing Campaign
  • MA310CB Consumer Behavior

Third Year (Second Semester (

  • MA312MR Marketing Research Method II
  • MA402MC Marketing Campaign
  • MA302BM Brand Management
  • MA302AM Applied Marketing
  • MA302ISO ISO
  • MA302GM Global Marketing

Fourth Year (First Semester (

  • MA412PMA Product Management II
  • MA410TEC Technopreneurship
  • MA410MR Marketing, Ethics  I
  • MA410STA Statistical Analysis
  • MA410ECO E-commerce
  • MA412PRO Research Project I

Fourth Year (Second Semester (

  • MA412PMA Product Management II
  • MA402MC Marketing Campaign
  • MA402MP Marketing Policies
  • MA402DM Decision Making
  • MA410MEL Marketing Ethics II
  • MA402PSM Professional  Selling & Sales Management
  • MA412PRO Research Project II

Higher Education:

The department does not provide higher education degrees and services.