Department of Health Administration

Department of Health Administration- College of Administration and Economics- Lebanese French University


The health management field is concerned with the application of the standards of management in the field of health. It also provides appropriate qualify for the formation for the formation of specialized Staffs in the management of medical facilities in various Types.

The field of health management is designed to plan to qualify of human resources to provide health services in health facilities academically in the field of health management.

In order to improve the quality of health services. This field combines science health management, quantitative methods, and management of health services and with the development of the world today in all field, particularly in the field of health management

About the department:

Health Management Department was established as one of the departments of the Faculty of Management and Economics and started to register students since the academic year 2017-2018. Health Management Department will hopefully graduate in the first class of students by the end of the academic year (2021-2022).


Health Management department Seek to Configure leaders specialized in the leadership and management of health service Management of health service institutions as well as an emphasis on the graduation and rehabilitation of administrators and leaders at a high level of efficiency leads to deliver services in health care institutions.


The college offers specialized programs in Health management at Undergraduate Program also seeks to qualify eligible Staffs and trained distinguished scientifically and practically to serve the requirements of the health sector With the provision of the high academic environment. To develop their academic and professional skills, enabling them to keep well-informed of the development of various health sectors.


The Department has a general objective which is to provide Staffs in the health management able to work with excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness in the various administrative occupations in various health institutions and meet the labor market. From this point of view, the department has special objectives:

  • 1-Provide a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the health care community by providing a comprehensive education program.
  • 2-Qualifying graduates have a thorough understanding of the nature of health care procedures and the task of health institutions administratively.
  • 3-Capacity Development and behavioral skills for Management crisis and public relations skills of students in this specialization, and enable them to apply modern concepts and theories in the management of health in their institutions, and to enhance their job performance.
  • 4-Develop the intellectual skills related to the systematic and critical thinking of students based on a sequence in the steps of thinking to reach conclusions and judgments logically.
  • 5-Develop the behavioral values and moral and social responsibilities of the students of the department.
  • 6-Develop communication skills and work relations at the student.
  • 7-Develop health research and contribute to the provision of research related to the management of health services.
  • 8-Develop thinking, analysis, and problem-solving skills
  • 9-Provide general knowledge to students in various fields than their field of specialization such as linguistic and legal knowledge and other knowledge which is necessary to the student.
  • 10-Developing the applied skills of students related to the skills of applying and practicing knowledge and concepts of health management their theoretical.

Course Book Department of Health Administration

First Year (First Semester)

  • Principles of Statistics
  • Introduction to Health management I
  • Computer Skills I
  • English Language I
  • Kurd logy
  • Mathematics I
  • Academic Debate

First Year (Second Semester)

  • Microeconomic
  • Introduction to Health management II
  • English Language II
  • Computer Skills II
  • Kurd logy
  • Academic Debate II
  • Gander

Second Year (First Semester)

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Macroeconomic
  • Personal and professional development in healthcare
  • Public Finance
  • Human Resource Management I
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Principles of Healthcare Marketing
  • English for Business I

second Year (First Semester)

  • Marketing Management
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Human Resource Management II
  • Organization Theory
  • Operation Research
  • Developing counseling skills for healthcare
  • English for Business II

Third Year (Second Semester)

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managing the Healthcare Workforce
  • Managing financial resource in Healthcare
  • Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management competencies
  • Global Trends in Healthcare
  • Research Method
  • Managerial Economics

Fourth Year (First Semester)

  • Legal Issues in Healthcare
  • Health Insurance
  • Electronic Health Management
  • Networks and communication
  • Facilities management in the healthcare environment
  • Cost Accounting
  • Leadership and Management in healthcare organizations

Fourth Year (Second Semester)

  • Quality and Risk management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management Capstone Project
  • Managerial Accounting II
  • Health care operations management
  • Graduation Project