Lebanese French University - Erbil      

Accredited Degrees

Bachelor Programs
Programs endorsed by LFU are Bachelor in the following:
Law and  International Relations College Admin. and Economics College Education and Languages College Department of Information Technology
+ Law

+ Legal Administration

+ Diplomacy and International Relations

+ Business Administration

+ Accounting and Finance

+ Accounting Information systems (AIS)

+ Marketing

+ Tourism

+ Hospitality

+ General Education

+ English Language

+ French Language

+ Fin Arts

+ Information Technology (IT)

All programmes of study at LFU are 4-year programmes leading to a bachelor degree in the field.
Courses are taught in English are offered on the two – semester system mode.
Students can choose morning or evening classes.
The LFU accepts students from all nationalities and communities who are graduates of high school (or equivalent).

All students at LFU, regardless of the major study are required to take general education courses. These courses are English Language, Computer Skills, Kurdology (Kurdish Culture) and Academic Debate.

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   Kurdistan Region - Iraq
   Southern Part of Erbil City - Universities Complex
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   Lebanese French University (LFU) Campus
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